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Shiny Apps for Interactive Data Analysis

We are excited and happy to share a set of shiny apps built for interactive data analysis and teaching at Rsquared Academy. The apps are part of our R packages and presently cover the following topics:

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Probability Distributions
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • RFM Analysis
  • Data Visualization

We would suggest that you explore the apps using sample data sets available within the app before using your own data set so that you get comfortable with the user interface.



You can try the live version of the apps here or locally launch these apps from the R packages mentioned in the below table. It will be easier to use the apps if you refer to the documentation of the respective packages.

Topic Try App R Package API
Descriptive Statistics Launch descritpr ds_launch_shiny_app()
Visualize Distributions Launch vistributions vdist_launch_app()
Hypothesis Testing Launch inferr infer_launch_shiny_app()
Linear Regression Launch olsrr ols_launch_app()
Logistic Regression Launch blorr blr_launch_app()
RFM Analysis Launch rfm rfm_launch_app()
Data Visualization Launch xplorerr app_visualizer()


All feedback is welcome. Issues (bugs and feature requests) can be posted to github tracker. For help with code or other related questions, feel free to reach out to us at .